This web site is a very comprehensive site that deals with taxation and financial subjects.
It is constructed according to countries and, in all, sites are in the process of being setup for some 70 countries.
The site is dedicated to managers and business people at all levels. Most of the material is provided free of charge, is presented in uncomplicated language and needs no prior knowledge of taxation in order to understand it.

The unique features of the site

The extensive review presented on each country includes a general and economic survey.
More exhaustive information is offered on all the various taxes adopted in that particular country. The site include "tips" for investors who are not residents of that counter and lists any investment benefits available.
The site has around 3,000 links to providers of supporting services such as CPA's, lawyers, banks, government sites, as well as a complete and comprehensive section on the embassies in that country.
A comparative tax table presents details on most countries in the world. In addition, a separate, far - reaching section offers you a basic bookkeeping course.